Video On-Demand Library

This video on-demand library gives you a wide variety of practices to support your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The videos, of various lengths, include breathing, meditation, movement and joint mobility, and working with emotions.

Drawn from the Movement Mini-courses, Morning Yoga Retreat, and the Movement Mindset classes, these sessions are meant to help you cultivate your balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength.

There are over 40 hours of video, and more are added regularly. You can cancel at any time. Watch at your convenience, use the skills and knowledge for a lifetime.

Available with Video On-Demand Weekly Membership. Click here for details and to purchase.

Included Content

Your Brain and Voluntary Breathing 5 min.
Breathing Skills for Engaging Stress 10 min.
3 Basic Vision Skills, 3 min.
Engaging Stress: A mini-webinar 22 min
Mood, balance, and moving your head 5 min.
Drills for Ankles & Feet 5 min.
Magic Wrist Circles 5 min.
Isometrics for Hand Strength 10 min.
Meditation Practice: Do Nothing 5 min.
Partake of Meditation 10 min.
Monday Mindset 2/25/21 “Cerebellum ABCs” 75 min.
Monday Mindset 3/15/21 “Foot circles everywhere, half-bow backbends” 75 min.
Monday Mindset 3/22/21 “Blast your core” 75 min.
Monday Mindset 5/24/21 75 min.
Monday Mindset 8/30/21 75 min.
Monday Mindset 10/7/21 75 min.
Friday Mindset 2/5/21 “Diffuse awareness” 75 min.
Friday Mindset 2/19/21 75 min.
Friday Mindset 4/16/21 “Midline, elbow, knees, ankles” 75 min.
Friday Mindset 6/11/21 75 min.
Friday Mindset 8/27/21 75 min.
Friday Mindset 10/8/21 “Shoulder Magic” 75 min.
Friday Mindset, 10/29/21 “Learning & differentiation” (75 min.)
Friday Mindset Class Dropbox Archive (16 classes)
Morning Yoga Retreat 11/2/20 30 min.
Morning Yoga Retreat 11/3/20 20 min.
Morning Yoga Retreat 11/4/20 25 min.
Morning Yoga Retreat 11/5/20 25 min.
Morning Yoga Retreat 11/6/20 25 min.
Practice for Lymphatic Flow, 25 min.
Saturday Retreat, 11/7/20 60 min.
Saturday Retreat 6/12/21 “Loops of Learning” 60 min.
Saturday Retreat 8/21/21 60 min.
Saturday Retreat 10/9/21 60 min.
Intermediate Movement Mindset Session 1: Balance, 60 min.