Live A Life You Love

”To be a 21st century yogi we need a full throttle science education and we need to be humanists, deeply read and widely read, capable of comparison, and above all else skilled in critical thinking.”

~ Douglas Brooks

Our aim at Yoga for Moderns is to cultivate a stronger body, a more creative mind, and a more emotionally-fluent heart.

About Yoga for Moderns

Yoga for Moderns draws on the past but is not bound by it. Our realm of practice is the body, mind, and heart—as in traditional yoga—but we emphasize the findings of modern biomechanics, neuroscience, and psychology to help reconceive our practices for greater possibilities in both the present and in the future.

Hi, I’m Randall Buskirk. I'm passionate about sharing what I've learned from decades of practicing and studying yoga and movement to help people feel better and to more fully engage all the aspects of themselves as individuals and in community.

Movement of the body, movement of thoughts, and movement of the emotions are three sides of the same coin. I am a yoga teacher, a certified Z-Health® Movement Reeducation Specialist, and a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer and Consultant.

As my teacher says, "There is only one teaching. Love your life." My intention is to help you realize your untapped resources and the inherent capacity you have to live a life you love.