Your Emotional Symphony: An Intro to the Music of Your Inner Wisdom

Sounding together is the nature of a symphony: "together" + "voice." Your emotions are like that too, giving voice to your own inner wisdom, rich in multi-tones of intelligence. In this one-hour Yoga of the Emotions workshop, you will learn to better harmonize your basic emotions and more deeply engage the art of understanding yourself and the world around you--in the forms of the past, the present, and the future.

What we will cover:

  • Introduce the four emotion groups
  • Explore the four keys to emotional genius
  • Practice applying them in various scenarios
  • Learn two empathic mindfulness practices to help you work with your emotions, rather than against them.

Included Content

Your Emotional Symphony: Intro and Workshop Webinar
Emotional Vocabulary List
Resourcing: An Empathic Mindfulness Practice
BONUS: Another look at The Four Emotion Categories