Light on the Path, Part 4: Hope, Confidence, and Inspiration

Light on the Path: Learning to Engage Your Inner Guides is a four-part series to help you tap into the power of your emotions as a source of energy, instincts, and intelligence.

All of your emotions are essential to your well-being and each brings you a specific kind of intelligence to guide your thoughts and actions. You can learn to work brilliantly with every one of your emotions. Join Randall Buskirk, a licensed Dynamic Emotional Integration® Trainer, for this fun and foundational journey toward living a life you love.

There are no negative emotions. There are no positive emotions. There is only skill in working with each of the emotions. Becoming more skilled in action is practicing yoga.

This series will help you develop emotional awareness, self-knowledge, relationship skills, healthy empathy, and self-care practices.

In Part 4, learn the vital gifts of the emotions of happiness, contentment, and joy; how to recognize their different intensities; and how to skillfully channel your power to celebrate, commune, and connect.

This course also includes a bonus Movement Mindset class, a gentle yoga session exploring how the flowing states of the happiness family of emotions serve your practice.

Included Content

Light on the Path: Hope, Confidence, and Inspiration Webinar
Emotions Foundations Handouts
Intelligence in Your Emotions
Emotional Skills Inventory
Emotional Vocabulary and Weasel List
Empathic Emotional Practices
Defining Boundaries
Creating and Renegotiating Contracts
Movement Mindset Practice: Hope, Confidence, and Inspiration