Engaging Stress: Your Power to Create Meaning

This course is meant to help you love your life, in all its aspects. Stress means you are living a meaningful life, so we don't want to eliminate stress or de-stress. We want to grow our capacity to understand stress and act upon its messages. Education about stress, pain, and the emotions is the best way to begin this transformative journey.

Engaging stress is a practice involving your body, your mind, and your heart. Engage and make yoga of your experience by tapping into your power to create meaning. This course is a beginner's guide to doing just that.

What you will receive:

  • Cognitive reframes of stress based on the latest science and psychology
  • An expanded understanding of what pain means based on the latest research studies
  • An empowering model for working with your emotions and their action messages
  • Somatic practices to help you ground, rejuvenate, and improve body and spatial awareness
  • A model for engaging more effectively with time as a resource
  • Mini-webinars and videos to expand your knowledge of the concepts and practices
  • Downloadable PDFs with powerful but simple daily practices to increase your mental "bandwidth"
  • Lifetime access, at your convenience

Course price: $49

Premium Package with One-Hour Private Zoom Session: $99


Included Content

The Power of Stress
The Practice in Brief
Unpacking Stress
Threat, Pain, & Emotions
Engaging Stress Practices
Engaging Stress: Summary and Somatic Practice
Yoga of Stress Resources