Better Vision & Balance

Better vision is a key to better balance and better movement. That includes the movement of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as well as your body. They are each aspects of the whole which is you. These videos will help you to work on improving your vision and balance.

"The knowledge of the knowledge is an important effector in and of itself." —Robert Sapolsky

Knowing that you can improve your vision and balance is the first step. You can start here. Many of these videos were part of a Six Weeks to Better Balance course.

Included Content

6 Weeks to Better Balance Workshop
Beginning Eye and Head Movements for Better Balance, #1
6 Weeks to Better Balance, Week 1
Week 2 Balance Practices
Week 3 Balance Practices
Week 4 Balance Practices
Balance, Part 1
Balance part 2
Fun for the Eyes, Hands, and Brain
Vision Off the Mat