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Self-generation: The art and practice of making more

By Randall Buskirk

SUN SEP 06, 2020

You want something.

What do you want?

It might be one thing, even something quite simple. Or it might be something deep and compelling and mysterious. But one thing, whatever it is, is always more than one thing. That's how the universe makes more of itself. That's how life makes more of itself.

And that's how you make more of yourself.

Desire is at the heart of all we know and experience. It works deep down in the unconscious, below and before what we know consciously. Sometimes it rises up to the level of the conscious mind and takes a form in our awareness--a feeling, a thought, a memory, or an experience of the outer world. Sometimes it remains hidden and we have no idea where something we experience comes from.

What you are looking at right now--this blog, this webpage, Yoga for Moderns--came out of some desire deep within you. Something moved you to click here. Something connected you to what you are experiencing in this very moment.

The incessant pulse of your life force, the desire to create, to make more of yourself, to live your days to their fullest capacity, to engage the world that has created you--all of that raw and pure and messy connection is yoga. It is unique to you. And it is universal, at least as far as we know.

That same desire led me to this page too. To make it, to make more of myself, to make more selves and be more of my selves. And that includes you.

Yoga for Moderns has come together just as we have come together, out of a desire to connect, to unite aspects of practice and ourselves and the world that have never been separate. The body, the mind, and the heart. The past, the present, and the future. Nature, culture, and the conscience.

This is also an evolution, a change, a new direction. Things aren't as they were before. Yoga studios have closed. Isolation has necessarily become a conscious part of life ongoing. Online classes and online learning are becoming the norm until we can meet again.

This is an opportunity to do what we haven't done before. And to do that, we will have to be and become who we haven't been before. We will have to grow.

In basic biological terms, our brains will have to grow new connections, new synapses and networks of synapses. Our brains will have to learn because they are always learning. They are plastic, as we now know. And we can have a say in what we learn and who we become. We are not just victims of the world, even as we are formed by nature and the systems of culture. We have a heart.

What that means for Yoga for Moderns is that we mainly connect virtually for now. We draw upon the past, upon yoga asana and pranayama, contemplation and meditation and the other traditional practices. But we integrate the present findings of cognitive science and neuroscience, psychology and sociology, all the fields of learning and the arts that are expressions of the many ways we each are human.

Movement is life, and what that means for us is we practice to move better physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even more practically, we practice to see better, to balance better, to be aware of and move our joints better, to reboot our primal movement patterns, to move into more complex patterns of yoga asana and play and functionality. That is the ground from which our higher purposes are brought into the world and shared.

Movement is desire. Whatever it is you want, learn to move better from that so that you can move better toward that.

My desire is that Yoga for Moderns helps all of us move better toward even greater realization of ourselves.

Come for the practice, stay for the community.