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Learn to fear

By Randall Buskirk

SAT JAN 02, 2021

Life is fear based.

Once you start to get that, you don't have to fight fear, which is fighting yourself and life itself.

You don't have to let go of fear, which is a necessary emotion and can't be let go of anyway, as if it were no longer useful. To try to do so is to waste energy in a futile effort. And throwing sadness--the emotion of letting go--on top of fear is suppressing the function of fear. Use your sadness for letting go of other things. Let go of your fear of fear, if you need to. Make a safe space for it.

Then you can move forward with the awareness and attention that fear brings.

You don't forget the past in the process, you carry it forward through your fear, because it is your best guarantee for the future.

Embrace your fear and learn from it. Learn with it. Fear is the very process of learning. It asks the question what is this. It discriminates.

Suppress your fear and you learn little. You are easily manipulated. You close down to the wider world, to options and possibilities and ways of moving forward.

The less you learn, the less you live. Live and learn. Question your fear. Receive its messages and guidance.

Fear is the gateway. Open the door.