Intermediate Movement Mindset
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In this 4-week Intermediate Movement Mindset series, we'll build upon the Basic Mindset foundations and explore more challenging movements and asanas. If the poses are difficult we will try to make them more accessible. If they are easy for you, we will try to make them more challenging and interesting.

Each one-hour session will include a neural warm-up, a general asana practice with hip openers, shoulder openers, etc., a more specific pose focus, and pranayama/meditation.

Week 1 will explore Balance, such as Uttita Hasta Padangusthasana, Warrior 3, Garudasna, and variations.

Week 2 will have a Backbend component, such as Ustrasana and Dhanurasana.

Week 3 will be more Forward Bends, like Pashimottanasa.

Week 4 will be Arm Balances--Side Plank variations, Bakasana, etc.

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